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d-Studio, Ltd is developing and supporting Mac version of Helicon Focus under the joint venture with Helicon Soft Ltd.

Retouching with Helicon Focus

Sometimes the program creates artifacts on the final image. Usually it is halo around bright edges on the smooth background.

Source image with well focused object
Partially fixed final images
Final image with artifacts

To fix such kind of problem use Copy source brush. Select the source image where the object is focused and copy pixels to the resulting image to delete artifacts.

Copy source brush lets you copy the same area from one of the source images to the resulting image.

Source images:

Result and retouching technique:

In this case the only solution is to apply Clone brush to reconstruct missing details.

The clone brush lets you copy part of the image from "source" to "target" area.

After you have chosen the clone brush, you will see the mouse pointer as the green cross in the green circle. Simply click the image to select the source area. Once you've selected the source area, the mouse pointer changes to its usual circle form to select the target area and apply the brush.

Also you can erase you changes with Erase brush or undo all or part of them.

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