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d-Studio, Ltd is developing and supporting Mac version of Helicon Focus under the joint venture with Helicon Soft Ltd.

Helicon Focus download page

Here you can download most recent Helicon Focus software. Helicon Focus is a program that creates one completely focused image from several partially focused images by combining the focused areas.

Download Helicon Focus 4.2.9 for Mac OS X

(May 28, 2012). File size is 11,6 MB. Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or higher.

Download Helicon Focus for MS Windows

New in 4.2.9:

  • Added plug-in installation for exporting images from Lightroom.
  • Added new render method "C".
  • Updated Helicon Focus engine.
  • Improved performance for application processes.
  • Fixed some UI bugs.

Helicon Focus 4.2.9 is the last update which supports Mac OS X 10.5 systems.
Development of new features for this product line is discontinued and subsequent updates will include only bug fixes. The future updates of Helicon Focus will support only Mac OS X 10.6 systems or later.

Find versions changelog below:

New in 4.2.8:

  • Full Mac OS X Lion compatibility.
  • Improved performance for application processes.

New in 4.2.7:

  • Improved stability while processing a lot of images

New in 4.2.6:

  • Fixed an issue with retouching on Mac OS X 10.5.x.
  • Fixed a few translation issues.

New in 4.2.5:

  • Fixed issue with alignment of images.

New in 4.2.4:

  • Fixed processing some Nikon RAW files.

New in 4.2.3:

  • Added Photoshop-like dragging in retouching mode.
  • Improved overall stability.
  • Fixed a batch of UI issues.

New in 4.2.2:

  • Introduced usage of Apple's Grand Central Dispatch technology for image processing.
  • Updated image processing engine.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved stability of Helicon 3D Viewer.
  • Improved stability of 32-bit version.
  • Improved support of 16-bit images in Micro Panorama and 3D-models export.
  • Fixed several issues with exporting web-animation.

New in 4.2.1:

  • Fixed random crash on processing big number of stacks.
  • Improved error handling.
  • German localization is improved.
  • Fixed issue when 3D-models were flipped after export from Helicon Focus.
  • Improved export from Helicon 3D Viewer.

New in 4.2:

  • Introduced German localization.
  • Introduced export result as web-animation.
  • Introduced Helicon 3D Viewer and export result as 3D-model.
  • Tested on Snow Leopard.

New in 4.1.1:

  • Introduced possibility to specify directory for temporary files.
  • Introduced opportunity to change output image DPI.
  • Improved performance.
  • Improved image processing.
  • Fixed a batch of UI issues.

New in 4.1:

  • Starting from 4.1 we dropped support of the Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger);
  • Tiger users can download Helicon Focus 4.0.5 with Multiprocessor support feature enabled for all types of licenses (Lite, Pro, Pro X64).
  • Multiprocessor license is replaced with Pro X64 license for all users.
  • Introduced possibility to run in 64 bit mode for users with Pro X64 license.
  • Introduced Helicon Focus Help Book.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed a batch of UI issues.

Download Helicon Focus 4.0.5

(April 15, 2009). File size is 5,9 MB. For Mac OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) only.

Find versions changelog below:

New in 4.0.5:

  • Starting from Helicon Focus 4.0.5 multiprocessor support is available in all licenses (Lite, Pro, Pro X64).
  • Multiprocessor license is replaced with Pro X64 license for all users and becomes unavailable running on Mac OS X 10.4.11.
  • Introduced Helicon Focus Help Book.
  • Improved performance.
  • Fixed a batch of UI issues.

New in 4.0.4:

New in 4.0.3:

  • Improved depth map visualization performance.

New in 4.0.1:

  • Improved performance on PowerPC machines.
  • Improved stability in Panorama and Saving modes.
  • Introduced enhanced Lanczos resampling which preserves more details during image alignment process.
  • Introduced more Photoshop-like keyboard shortcuts.
  • Introduced more actions in po-up menu of the source images table view.
  • Fixed a batch of user interface issues.

Previous Versions:

Helicon Focus 4.2.8
Helicon Focus 4.2.7
Helicon Focus 4.2.6
Helicon Focus 4.2.5
Helicon Focus 4.2.4

Helicon Focus 4.0.5

d-Studio, Ltd. does not develop and support MS Windows version of the Helicon Focus, however we can offer it for you with discount, as well as other products of the Helicon Soft Ltd.

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