Helicon Filter

d-Studio provides distribution services for Helicon Soft.
Therefore we can offer Helicon Filter for you with discount, as well as other products of the Helicon Soft Ltd.

Mini Review - Helicon Filter - photo editor (Brett Cook) "... tools that Photoshop find difficult if not impossible are a breeze in Helicon Filter..."

Helicon Filter is a complete image editing solution for the digital photographer.

Its easy and intuitive interface, live preview feature, and in context help ensure an easy start for beginners.

The program is built as step by step workflow guiding you through all post processing stages.

Some of the most interesting and unique features are:

  • Voice comments
  • Sensor dust filter
  • Haze compensation
  • Spectral sensitivity controls
  • Chromatic aberration filter
  • Vignetting and barrel corrections
  • Stacking images to lower noise or increase dynamic range
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  • Photo editor Helicon Filter is also full of advanced features which attract professional photographers (full list of features)

Helicon Filter and Helicon Focus software packages

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